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Solar Power

Don’t make being environmentally-friendly hard for yourself. Choosing the correct solar panel system for your home or business in Perth can be a confusing process. That’s why it’s sensible to turn to the experts at Heath Tournier Contractors to make the process easier.

Our professionals supply and install leading brands of photovoltaic (PV) solar power systems. These are premium products and they’re backed by full warranties. We also carry out repairs, servicing, maintenance and upgrades.

If you’re considering a green solution to the power in your home then, speak to the solar panel installation experts. Before you buy a system, here is what you need to know.

Why should you install solar power?

  1. Solar power is one the most environmentally friendly ways to produce electricity which can help build a sustainable future for us all
  2. Save money on your bills and help protect you from inevitable electricity price rises
  3. Add value to your home

How does solar power work?

  1. Energy from the sun’s rays hit the panels
  2. The panels produce DC power
  3. The inverter converts DC power into AC which can be used in the home
  4. Your home firstly uses electricity generated by the solar system. Any additional energy needed is drawn from the grid.
  5. If additional power is generated by your solar system then it will be fed back into the grid.
  6. A meter monitors the electricity produced and consumed

What size system will you need?

The size of your system will depend on factors such as roof space, current and anticipated future energy consumption, budget, the direction your roof faces and other factors. Our expert staff can provide a free on-site assessment and quote to ensure you get the system best suited to your needs.

How do we get you started?

Before we start work onsite, we do our homework with your help. For us to be able to find the perfect system for you, it’s important that we work out your exact needs. How much energy output do you require, where’s the best position for panels on your roof, do you need them for residential or commercial premises and what is your budget?

We make solar panel installation simple. Our friendly staff will help you at every stage of the installation process. Once we have designed the best system to meet your needs we will organise a time that suits you for the installation. The whole process is quick and easy. The final step is for your electricity retailer to change your meter over. Then you will be generating your own power and saving money.

Get in touch for installation and repairs

Call us and ask us for a free on-site quote. If you are interested in solar but don’t yet have the funds for a new system, call us to discuss our range of finance options and payment plans.

We also cater to the growing market of solar panel installation for new homes in Perth and further afield, including Margaret River and Mandurah. Solar is in demand and there’s plenty of sun for everyone.

If you are looking for a quality team of professionals to supply and install solar power systems, a team with a proven track record of excellence, then contact us at Heath Tournier Contractors.

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